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We’re a uniquely talented bunch of creatives who love a challenge and are always up for coffee!  If you’re in the neighbourhood come and say hi.

I created Rocco Douglas in 2016 to help businesses of any size reach and engage new customers through social media and online channels.

I’m passionate about what I do and am confident that partnering with Rocco Douglas will take your business to the next level.

My wife Sara-Jane and I have a 3 year old son named Xander and a newborn daughter named Evan and we live in West Auckland. I often get asked where the name Rocco Douglas came from – it’s Xander’s middle names – I named this business after him as I’m serious about creating a legacy for my children’s future.

Before taking the leap off into the unknown and starting Rocco Douglas I worked for the email marketing company Spike Ltd as the Account Director.

Prior to that I looked after the email marketing for a global recruitment organisation, was the Games Manager at Telecom (now Spark) and had 9 years in many roles at TVNZ – the most recent being website manager at TV ONE.

But this is the best and most rewarding job I’ve ever had – and we’re just getting started…

DIANAEmail Marketer & Web Developer
I recently graduated from the University of Auckland and it was during my studies that I developed a huge interest in coding, design, and marketing. While at university I received a lot of great feedback from professors for my projects, and I realised that this was what I was really passionate about. I am excited to have the opportunity to work for Rocco Douglas where I can grow my skills even further.

I am originally from Russia, so I’ve spent a quarter of my life living far away from home while I’ve been in New Zealand- but I’ve stayed so I must like it! I am interested in music, and play several different musical instruments, much to the annoyance of my flat mates! I also like to travel, meet new people, and enjoy reading books about social relationships.

MICHAELHead of Creative & Production
I am passionate about social media, digital marketing and graphic design and how I can use these tools to help business create social media content and build and maintain effective audiences that turn into leads and customers.

I love to travel to places and do some crazy things – My last trip was to South Africa where I took a casual stroll through the bush with some teenage lions and made friends with some happy Zulu warriors.

JOSHUADigital Campaign Specialist
Recently I graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in advertising creativity. Needless to say I love digital marketing, as well as copywriting and see myself as a weird hybrid of a creative and number cruncher. I have an internal curious desire to analyse data and figure out the why. Why did that 20 year old buy Harpic over Duck? These are the sorts of questions others find dull, but excite me. Luckily I have access to lots of data which I can analyse to my heart’s content.

During my free time I love to explore the beautiful NZ outdoors and it’s not unknown for me to drive into the unknown and take the road less travelled. If I’m not out exploring, I’ll be at home experimenting or perfecting a cocktail. I’m proud to say I can make an incredible whiskey sour, Tom Collins and an old fashioned. Basically put my idea of the perfect day is sipping on a cocktail while my senses are bewitched by waves crashing on a heavenly forgotten coastline.

I am currently in my third and final year of a Bachelor of Communications (Marketing Communications & Media Studies) at Massey University.

It made sense to join my millennial know-how for social-media with my love for digital, film and marketing. I am still learning the ropes, but Shane and the RD team are giving more than enough experience to jump head first into my career in the coming years.

Outside of work and uni, I spend much of my spare time travelling or planning my next big adventure (Europe is constantly calling my name).