Taking a break for a fresh perspective

I’ve just returned from 6 days off in a row, on holiday camping at Mount Maunganui with my family – the first time I’ve been away from my business since it started. It was really hard and really easy all at the same time.

I honestly love what I do, I love going to work, I love the cool campaigns we’re working on for our clients, and while I was tired and needed to recharge a bit I really didn’t want to miss anything.

Sure, I checked my emails each evening and replied to the occasional request from my team to borrow the credit card but otherwise everything ran as clockwork. And of course it did, that’s exactly how I’ve structured my business. My team know what needs to be done, the goals that we have, and make it happen.

So what?

The reason I wanted to share this, is this is a great example of how we work with our clients and how we can help your business market itself effectively without you having to micromanage every step. My team know your business goals and work effectively designing and implementing social and online marketing campaigns to meet those goals – and you can be as involved (or not) as you like.

So in fact if you had team Rocco Douglas on your side, you could take a break, or more likely finally have some extra capacity to work on growing your business in other areas.

We’d love the opportunity to help market your business online this year.

I fully recommend taking a short break – I feel so fresh and have real clarity on the direction of Rocco Douglas and am even more motivated for the year ahead.

And moments like watching my son play on the beach at 9:30 in the morning are priceless.

Now to plan the next break…