Now where did I put my smoking jacket?

An update from the Lord Commander at Rocco Douglas.

My last blog post had the headline “You have to get out of bed each day and make it happen”, and well in the month since I last blogged I’m happy to say it has. It really has.

I always try and be as transparent as possible in these posts, this is how it is, this is my journey to starting my own business, or choosing my own destiny. I hope someone might get something from this blog – but if not I like to think of them as a journal entry filed away so one day I can look back on our progress.

Here’s some of the milestones from the last month:

First up – why Lord Commander?

This actually started as a bit of a joke, I’m a fan of Game of Thrones so figured if I was going to run my own business I should have a cool title. I also like the idea that no-one is going to be able to kill me (aka Jon Snow). So it works and it’s a great conversation starter – I’ve had phone calls asking to speak to the Lord Commander – true story!

New clients

I mentioned in my last post we were looking to sign up three new clients, well…  …all three signed. And in fact we just got another client today. #winning (FYI I hate hashtags in copy but it seems appropriate here).

Google AdWords

We now offer Google AdWords as a service. With Diana now on board we have the extra capability to make this happen and our clients are already seeing the results from our work in this space.

Business Mentors

This month I applied to have a Business Mentor and have been assigned a great mentor who already has given me some really valuable tips for my business journey. My motivation for having a mentor wasn’t to solve a problem necessarily I just wanted to learn from someone much wiser than myself and get an outsiders opinion. I want to ensure this business has a future. I also liked the idea of having someone to talk to so that I wouldn’t burden my team with issues or decisions I had to make about the business.

I fully recommend Business Mentors – it’s a great service and something all business owners would benefit from. They’re also not afraid to tell you the honest truth which we all need sometimes.

[I promise never to spend another dollar on magazine advertising ever again].

Auckland Chamber of Commerce

If Business Mentors hadn’t suggested the Chamber as an option for my business I would never have joined.

I had no idea what they do but was convinced it must be a group of musty old business men sitting around in their smoking jackets contemplating whether to upgrade the Aston or the Jag.

If it is that, I certainly didn’t see it. In the 2 weeks that we’ve been a member it has opened doors to opportunities for this business that would not have been possible in the short-term.

It’s also a great way to get some validation on whether your business has a future and a unique voice or if you’re just crazy. Yes, yes and yes.

Don’t you have to be just a bit crazy to start your own business?

And finally, saving the best till last.

A Marketplace Expo

As part of the Chamber we were given the opportunity to exhibit at their Marketplace Expo last week and showcase our services to 300 other Auckland businesses.

So in the space of 4 days we printed signage, t-shirts, giveaways and brochures. Then Michael, Olivia and I spent an evening talking to a massive amount of cool businesses about what we do.


We came back to the office with around 35 solid leads for our business. And I’m booked up meeting potential clients for the next couple of weeks.

This one event looks likely to have changed my business. I’ll definitely be back next year.

Wow, sorry, long post, sometimes you don’t realise how far you’ve travelled until you write it all down. And honestly it hasn’t all been rosy, sometimes the stress keeps me awake at night and you doubt yourself but that’s just business ain’t it?

I’m off to get me a smoking jacket…