Setting up for success…

A Rocco Douglas progress report.

Delegation. That single word can be really tough, and it’s certainly something I have struggled with in the past. I have really high standards for the work we do for our clients, and like everything to be done my way, but this business was never going to be sustainable if I had to be closely involved in everything. It could actually slow us down.

So to set this business up for the bright future I believe it has, I needed to empower my staff to work effectively and efficiently towards our company goals, without the need for micro management.  Decisions needed to be made and things still needed to happen even if I was out of the office meeting new clients. I was also keen to implement processes now so they could just become part of who we are.

We’re still a small team and at the moment everything works well but our client base is growing every week (awesome!) so let’s take a moment to setup for growth and future success.

So what did I do?

I pulled out the job descriptions of my staff and wrote down all the tasks I had hired them to perform, I also wrote down all the other responsibilities that weren’t on their job description that they also needed to do.

Through this process it gave me great visibility on how their roles fitted together and how the success of the business was fully reliant on everyone doing their bit and focusing on their individual strengths and skills. Take one person out of the chain and, while it still worked, it didn’t work as efficiently.

This also made it super easy for me to see what each persons KPI (key performance indicator) needed to be.

So the whole team, including me, now have our own individual single KPI. These all tie back to our client contracts and if any one person doesn’t do their bit it makes it that much harder for Rocco Douglas to reach its targets.

Our individual KPIs are published on the wall in our office, and everyone knows what their job is, how it impacts those around them and what they need to do each day.

It’s been a massive breakthrough, the performance of the team has gone through the roof in the two weeks since these have been implemented and it has really created a strong sense of team. We’re working together so much more now that everyone has a clear definition on what their responsibilities are and how they’re measured. It’s also helped create a greater sense of achievement as we can all leave at the end of each day knowing we each made a difference.

[Bonus is it’s also helped me eliminate a few tasks that weren’t helping any of us reach our targets.]

Crazy how such a small thing can massively change a business. So glad that’s out of the way!

I did intend this blog post to be all about how with the passionate experts at Rocco Douglas running your marketing and driving leads your time could be freed up to focus on other parts of your business but I’m sure you already know that by now 🙂