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We use the following services to create clever integrated digital marketing campaigns that delivery strong results for our clients.

Facebook Video Ads

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Facebook Video Ads are the most effective way of getting your message to the right people quickly. They are extremely cost effective with 100% video views for up to as low as 20 cents per view. They are great for building strong custom audiences quickly by using a strong content strategy to take audiences through the digital marketing funnel.

Facebook Link Ads

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By installing a Facebook pixel on your website, we can create custom audiences of people who have viewed your website or specific pages of your website. Facebook Link Ads are a key part of the digital marketing funnel, particularly for the consideration stage.

Facebook Sales & Leads

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A key part of the conversion / sales stage of the marketing funnel, Sales and Leads ads are highly effective when utilised properly. The key is to use the strong custom audiences created in the brand awareness and consideration stages of the funnel. We see too many business pushes for sales / leads without going through the steps. This leads to considerable and completely unnecessary waste of ad spend.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

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Dynamic ads are a great way to pick up dropped carts. In a world full of distractions (online and offline), many dropped carts are unintentional. Dynamic ads act as a great reminder to people who have viewed or added to cart to purchase. We have had great success with Facebook dynamic ads, resulting in $1 of sales for every 3 cents of ad spend.

Google AdWords

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A proper keyword strategy is most important here. We come across too many campaigns that aren’t set up properlty. It’s not about what people are searching. It’s about why they are searching. All our campaigns are setup using search intent, allowing us to create an immediate impact and long-term stability. By using search intent, we have increased our retail clients’ revenue by 188.66% with an average cost per conversion of only $1.73 in the past year. On average, we earn $1 in sales from every 3 cents of budget spent.

Google Display

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People often discard display ads as they don’t have the best click-through-rates, but they are extremely important, particularly in stages 1 and 2 of the marketing funnel. Display ads, when used correctly, send people on a pathway to purchase – through carefully planned remarketing campaigns. Utilised this way, Google Display ads can be extremely useful.

Google Shopping

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If your products are visual, you need to be using Google Shopping ads. They make your products stand out. They are an incredibly powerful tool at the consideration stage of the marketing funnel. Since Google recently realeased Shopping Ads to New Zealand, we have added over $329,000 in revenue from Google Shopping ads.

Google Remarketing

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Google remarketing is an integral part in turning viewers into customers. By tracking website visitors we can great strong audiences to remarket to. Send them the right message at the right time and they’ll turn into customers. When used correctly, Google remarketing campaigns are an especially powerful tool.

Instagram Ads

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Instagram Ads have become an integral targeting mechanism since Facebook purchased the social media platform. If your products are visual, Instagram marketing is absolutely vital, especially since we can now remarket Instagram audiences.

YouTube Ads

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YouTube Ads are great when they are made properly. Short and sweet is most ideal. YouTube Ads are great for brand awareness and with remarketing capabilities they can also be used to send potential customer down the marketing funnel, convincing them to become customers. Again, it’s all about giving people the right information at the right time – small but precise information – just what they need to here to convert.

Facebook Canvas

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Facebook Canvas is Facebook’s fullscreen landing page experience. It’s like an online pamphlet. They are great for sales and deals. We can track people who view your Facebook Canvas and or click on links. This allows us to create custom audiences for remarketing with sales / leads / dynamic ads.

Video Production

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Video is an integral part of digital marketing, yet is is terribly expensive. We are on a mission to make video production for online and social media more affordable. But what makes our video great is our content strategies. Like everything else we do, our videos also follow a marketing funnel – converting viewers into customers. We don’t just tell people about your product, we convince them to buy your products. Plus, we have a $25,000 camera. Cool eh?

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