When you start a business you hope that it’ll be successful, you know you’re talented, you believe in yourself, you know you have a great idea or ideas, and you desperately want to prove all your sceptics wrong, but until you risk everything and press the big red LAUNCH button you have no idea what the outcome might actually be.

Business advisors talk to you about exit strategies and tell you that most small businesses fail and most likely you’ll be another statistic and how long do you give it before you quit. All before you’ve even started.

[Thanks for the confidence boost.]

Banks ask for business plans and make you jump through hoops just to open an account so you create bullshit forecasts to keep them happy. You spend more money than you ever have on things like rent, insurance, computers, utilities, software, salaries, coffee… …and you begin to wonder whether it was all worth it.

If I’d stayed as an employee I’d likely be driving one of my dream cars by now.

But that wouldn’t take away this intense desire, passion and fire I have within me to do something myself, to create, dream and choose my own destiny. This is what I’ve always wanted to do.

And now we’re getting to the good bit…

Rocco Douglas is on the verge of blasting into the stars, we continue to increase revenue month by month, we continue to sign up new, bigger and more high profile clients each month and in fact, we’re growing so much faster than I imagined for a business so young. Almost faster than we can handle. Stress anyone?

Talking to my business mentor yesterday he said we need to make a decision about how big we’d like this business to be. And go get it.

Ok then, I will.