And we’re racing…

The title of my blog post today just works on so many levels, it’s definitely the theme for March and long may it continue to be.

Here’s why.

1. We actually went racing!

As a team we were privileged to be invited to the BMW Ultimate Drive Day last week at Hampton Downs on behalf of our client Continental Cars.

This was an awesome day of road driving, off-roading and tracking driving – including a hot lap in the BMW M3. We all really enjoyed ourselves and now I’m working on a plan to get one in my garage sometime in the future!

Check out the video of my hot lap below. For more photos see our Facebook page.


2. We sent out the first batch of our 2017 Lego DM Campaign.

We’re on a mission to grow our client base and to help as many New Zealand businesses as we can with their Facebook and online marketing.

As a start up the challenge is getting noticed, making an impression and starting a conversation.

So I came up with our Lego box campaign (who doesn’t love Lego?). We ran this campaign last year and it was so successful we decided to do it again.


This time round we changed up the brochure, included a more premium Lego set and added personalised recommendations. (You had to visit our website and enter your details to download the building plans).

These boxes weren’t cheap and took a lot of work to design and put together, but I believe it demonstrates that we are serious, we really can help businesses – and are committed way more than just sending a “promo pen” that’s literally been done a million times before – and always ends up in the bin.

The feedback has been awesome, people really like how it captured their attention – and even cooler to hear that the Lego sets eventually get passed on to family or friends children – a gift that keeps on giving!

The first 50 were couriered out last week. So far we’ve had 16 responses and already we have seven businesses we’re meeting with. Beyond awesome. And if last time is any indication I’d expect a few more over the coming week.

So am I giving away our secrets? Maybe, but I honestly believe it’s our unique voice and approach that’s reaching businesses – and that isn’t something others can replicate.

3. We have Fibre!

Nine long months after my first request the snails at Chorus and Spark finally got their shit together and installed Fibre in my office.

It all seemed a bit underwhelming to be honest, a guy came in yesterday and joined a few wires and we were live.

There is no good reason for anything to take this long and its sad that we get held hostage to useless service providers that hold the monopoly.

So glad that’s over.

So it’s a busy month ahead and we’re on track to race into the next financial year!