I never thought it would happen to me.

I have a confession, I have become an addict and up until this point I’ve been in denial. That’s the first step to recovery right?

A couple of weeks back Olivia was sharing a story about how she and her flatties had started a new adventure and were out roaming the streets at night looking for Pokémon. I thought “that’s nice” and liked the concept of a game where it gets people off the couch. Gotta be good right?

Curiosity got the better of me and it may have even been the next day when I thought “now’s the time” I’ll download the app, have a look so I’ll at least know what the kids (and adults!) are up to these days and leave it at that.

2 weeks in and I’m addicted. The truth hit me over the weekend when I was down in Paeroa catching up with my sister and I took the nieces out for a drive to go Pokémon hunting. They thought it was great, but was it really about them or a convenient escape – who knows what might be hiding behind the L&P bottle? And if I have my phone on in the car will that count towards more bloody steps (I tried a Fitbit once for a day).

If you ask anyone that knows me, I hate the idea of unfinished collections, if anything comes in a set I either have to collect them all or opt-out completely – just the way I am wired.

So what does this have to do with Rocco Douglas?

Firstly it’s a marathon effort starting a business and over the past couple of months I’ve definitely been sleeping very little to make the days as productive as possible so the idea of a little ‘white noise’ and an escape had it’s appeal.

Secondly the Pokémon concept has so many parallels with where I want to take this business and how I want to help my clients. I want to help business owners make their content and product promotion so sticky that customers will want to come back and NEED to come back because the experience is so good.

So I’m thankful for this little Pokémon journey but the chance of me collecting all the Poliwags, Pidgeys and Psyducks is looking unlikely – there’s just too much cool stuff happening in the real world.

I’ll quit next week. Maybe.