What makes our Facebook advertising campaigns so powerful

This is a really exciting time to be a marketer or business owner, there’s so many cool ways to reach and engage new customers and they’re all accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

In a matter of seconds you can boost a Facebook post on your business page and Facebook will happily charge your credit card and you can relax for a job well done.

But who are those people that saw your post? What do you really know about them? And what is the likelihood they’ll ever visit your store or your website or actually buy something from you.

If you want to see what Facebook thinks you’re interested in, check out your ad preferences. https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences

Yes, some of what Facebook thinks I’m interested in is true, but there’s also some very strange things in that list – like why would I be interested in towels or Shampoo – I don’t even have hair! I would never trust an entire campaign budget to Facebook interest targeting – although it can be a good starting point. So those Shampoo ads I’m now seeing are a waste of money.

Last year Facebook made 27.64 billion USD. So I’ll leave you to decide how motivated they are to help you with your $50 boost.

Facebook is a very powerful marketing platform and when used to it’s full potential can generate real and measurable results for businesses. And that’s where we as Rocco Douglas really shine. My team have the keys to unlock the potential for your business.

As I’ve said before, we go as far as to guarantee we’ll introduce businesses to new customers.

This is what we typically include within a monthly Facebook advertising campaign for our clients:

  • Creative strategy
  • Targeting strategy – split testing multiple audiences
  • Custom audience creation and management. (Build audiences for future campaigns)
  • Minimum of 12 different versions of creative (copy, design, images)
  • Split testing of multiple Facebook ad types – video, carousel, slideshow & static images. (Plus option for a Facebook Canvas at additional cost)
  • All our campaigns are personalised to each client / campaign goal and generate measurable results.
  • Daily campaign optimisation.
  • Daily reporting (if required).
  • Final campaign performance report and our recommendations.

From here, month 2 will be building on the audience/s created above and continuing to generate a pipeline of high value leads for your business.

And that’s just the beginning…