One small step for man, one giant leap…

Ok not quite correct in this context, it’s been a huge leap starting this business and multiple steps are still to be taken but I think about the moon landing often as I drive to work each morning. Our office is on Apollo Drive and there’s an obvious space theme with the name of the surrounding streets.

To be honest with how far this business has come in the 6 weeks since I registered the company it feels like I’ve at least walked to the moon and back. Rocco Douglas is no longer just a dream or vision I used to have in the shower but it’s now a living, breathing business. Exciting, terrifying, satisfying and frantic all at the same time but totally worth it.

Here’s a little update on what’s happened in the past month.

Signed a 2 year lease on a swanky second floor office in Albany – we even have a view from both sides. On one side we look out over the carpark and across to construction of a new residential complex and on the other we have awesome unobstructed views out west over all our neighbours and out to the hills on the horizon.

The view from our office.

The view from our office.

We moved into the office and had to purchase literally everything from desks, chairs, fridge, whiteboards, art, computers. I’d like to thank the awesome guys at Warehouse Stationery Westgate and Harvey Norman Westgate who made the process as easy and enjoyable as it could be (just don’t look at the credit card).

And, drum roll please, I now officially have 3 staff. 1 full-time social media guru and graphic designer named Michael, a part-time marketing person / office manager / retail extraordinaire named Olivia and a graphic/web designer and all round nice guy Christiaan who is doing regular contract work for us.

So what does this all mean? We’re officially past the setup phase and are ready and open for business (thanks Speedy Signs Albany for all the awesome signage and even bigger thanks to Nick Mertens for creating our awesome brand).


I’m so proud of what has been achieved to date and am confident that I have the right team around me to take this business to the next phase. That being growing our client base and getting out there and really making a difference to small businesses.

Watch this space, we have some exciting things coming up. Thanks to all those that have supported this journey so far and to the loads of people who applied through seek to join the team.