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Facebook video works, and I can prove it.

Last Friday we had a call from one of our clients to say a very expensive car was going to be visiting their showroom for the weekend. The only one in New Zealand.

My client didn’t mention how much this car cost but according to google I’d say around $300K.

So what could we do to maximise promotional opportunities for this car?

Easy Answer: A well targeted Facebook video campaign.

So we raced over to Wairau Park and in the space of 4.5 hours (on a Friday afternoon) my team shot, edited and produced 6 different videos for our client to choose from.

Later that evening 2 of the videos went live in advertising campaigns.

Over the weekend the main video was seen by 23,000+ people, viewed by 9,000+ and had 397 reactions or comments. Even better Facebook gave our video campaign a relevant score of 9 out of 10 which means this campaign was targeted to the right audience.

Result – A huge amount of brand awareness for our client and increased traffic into the showroom over the weekend to view the car. It went so well the campaign has been extended.


We’re all about maximising opportunities for our clients and would love the opportunity to produce a video for your product or service.

In fact you could have a professionally produced Facebook video in as little as 6 hours…

Opportunities won’t wait. Let’s get out there and make it happen today. That’s my goal.


These are our 3 favourite videos from the campaign: