How Facebook’s latest algorithm changes will affect your business

What you need to make sure you do!

Basically, Facebook is hunting down clickbait and fake news.

Avoid clickbait, misinformation and sensationalism and you’’ll be fine… if you don’t the new algorithm will punish your ad campaigns and boosted posts. This may not happen instantly, but it is bound to happen. If you use clickbait as a tactic too many times, Facebook will warn you… don’t listen and they will deactivate your ad account.

So, what do your posts and ads need to be like?

Some advice based on words from Adam Mosseri, Vice-President of Facebook NewsFeed:

  • Content should be informative and meaningful.
  • Content should be authentic, and not misleading or spammy.
  • Avoid clickbait – avoid headlines that sensationalise content – Avoid headlines like “WOW! You’ve Got to See This!”
  • Do not try to ‘game’ the NewsFeed.
    What does this mean? Don’t ask people to ‘like, comment and share posts. This is ‘gaming’ the NewsFeed. What happens if you do this? We aren’t completely sure yet, but what is certain is that you’ll be placed in a ‘bucket’ and your ads will definitely result in a lower ranking. What we don’t know is how you get out of this bucket – Only time will tell, so if you want to ‘game’ the NewsFeed, it’s a risky move. Your content should make people want to react, comment and share without telling them to.
  • Information must be accurate. It must be truthful.

What is meant by meaningful?

  • How close or relevant a viewer is to the person or page posting stories.
  • If viewers would want to share with friends or/and family
  • Stories viewers spend more time reading.
  • Videos viewers spend more time watching.
  • Plus, the usual engagement (reactions, comments and shares).


  • Avoid exaggeration at all costs
  • Avoid terms that trigger the downranking algorithm – such as, ‘WOW’, ‘NEVER’, etc.
  • If your headline sounds too good to be true, or makes a crazy claim to fame, don’t use it. It won’t help you.
  • If your Ad promises something, make sure your landing page delivers.


Michael O’Sullivan