Come and work with us!

Hi there, I’m Shane and I’m pulling a team together to create New Zealand’s newest digital marketing agency with the goal of helping small kiwi businesses.

First up I need talented people who have skills in the following areas. Bonus points if you have experience in more than one.

  • Social Media marketing, particularly facebook.
  • Email marketing – experience designing, building and sending emails.
  • Copywriting, proof reading. Content creation.
  • Graphic design. Mad photoshop skills and an eye for design.
  • Coding – email templates, websites, online forms, surveys.

Work experience not absolutely necessary but you do need to be able to prove you have the x-factor in your chosen field.

Here’s my vision for this company:
I’ve worked for a number of years in Marketing with some of New Zealand’s largest retail businesses and realised it’s not just them and their large budgets that really need my help. It’s the smaller kiwi businesses – how they can maximise whatever resources they have and get results. Use email, social and online to get in front of their customers and grow their business. That’s what I’m passionate about and this is why I’ve decided to start Rocco Douglas.

Let’s work together and use our skills to help the little guys.

On our tagline Real Honest Marketing…
I believe there is a massive opportunity for businesses to focus on being real and honest with their customers. Say it like it is. Your customers will respect you for it – and if they don’t maybe they aren’t your customers anyway. Let’s add some real-ness into our marketing campaigns and customer service. New Zealanders are smart people – we can see past the 20% off everything one-time-only massive sale that happens every weekend. Let’s try something different and recognise that we are real people, we work hard and do the best we can. Let’s focus on promoting all the awesome products and services your businesses have and how you can help them. And so what if your campaign isn’t perfect.
If the above sounds exciting to you and you love the idea of helping shaping the future of a business then I’d love to hear from you. Send me through a list of what you believe you can bring to this business.

Honestly if you’re just going to copy and paste your generic CV, I’ll just copy and paste a thanks but no thanks back.

Shane Lines