The power of daily campaign optimisation and audience testing

Our digital campaign specialist Josh takes us through his role at Rocco Douglas and demonstrates how powerful Facebook advertising can be for businesses when optimised correctly.

This means we can take your campaign budgets further with lower cost per click and targeting strategies that really get results for your business.


Josh – Digital Campaign Specialist

My job is essentially getting the most out of Facebook.

With over 2.3 million Kiwis visiting Facebook daily it’s a pretty good place to advertise. Combine that with the fact Facebook is far more precise at targeting the right audience than any other medium and it’s not hard to see why Facebook is an advertiser’s paradise.

Yeah, in case you didn’t know, Facebook is analysing every little click, post and time spent watching a video and categorising you into different segments for us to target.

I’m a digital campaign specialist, meaning I’m responsible for managing Facebook campaigns and ensuring they work well and they do! (Hence why I’m writing this blog post instead of a CV.)

My job really starts after we’ve lovingly crafted the creative and the campaign is ready to launch.

The first stage is targeting an audience. Unlike a TV ad, billboard or print ad we don’t make assumptions where our audience is, we know. Out of the 2.3 million daily Facebook audience pool in NZ, we can target specific people by demographics, life events, interests and behaviours. Selling ice cream? We can target the 350,000 Kiwis on Facebook who have shown a strong interest in ice cream.

Second comes testing. At the start of any campaign I’ll be testing all sorts of things. Testing different audiences, different images, different text and different landing pages, ensuring quality leads.

Despite the fact our ads are now only showing the most effective images and lines of copy to the optimal audience it’s time to optimise a little more. I’ll start refining the audience again and analysing how people of different ages and in different regions react. I’m never happy until I can see the cost per click continue to decrease and the average video view increase, which means optimising every campaign, every day and making new creative if we have to, again ensuring we’re getting the best possible results out of every campaign.

The ability to optimise and precisely target an audience is what separates Facebook from all other mediums. We, at Rocco Douglas distinguish ourselves from other digital marketing agencies by optimising every day and relentlessly testing, optimising and optimising again (among many other things), meaning lower cost per clicks and guaranteeing we’re getting your business in front of as many people as possible.