Our biggest month yet!

A Rocco Douglas progress report.

January 2017 was a great month for us, so good in fact that we more than doubled our December 2016 income.

We signed up 5 new paying clients – with one of them being a large well-known Auckland business with multiple locations.

I offered all my staff full-time permanent positions and Christo joined the team in the Marketing Co-ordinator role.

We invested in some new furniture and equipment for the office and our place is now looking flash as. I also added a couple more spare desks (just in case).

Our clients continue to give us feedback on the success of their digital marketing campaigns and that they really see the value in working with us and the positive impact it has on their businesses. Awesome!

So yeah it’s going good. We still have a way to go until we reach our targets but we’re certainly on track and getting closer each day.

This gives me great confidence that Rocco Douglas really has a place in the market, a unique “real honest” voice, and that I made the right decision in starting this company. The investment personally and financially is significant (and a little scary sometimes) but I have no doubt that we’re on to a winner.

Can’t wait to see what this month brings…