2016 was great but 2017 will be epic…

Twenty-sixteen started out like any other year. I was in a job I loved, a job that I was good at but at the same time was beginning to feel the itch for a new challenge. I’d achieved so much in my role that I was very proud of but I’d hit a ceiling and there wasn’t anywhere else to grow.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next though so I just carried on.

Then I quit.

I literally woke up one morning and said to my wife Sara-Jane, I’m going to quit my job today, so I did.

Did I have a plan or was it planned? No and no. But I thrive on a challenge.

I love solving problems and creating opportunity. I’m at my best when the world is on fire.

So there was my challenge. Me, what would I be next? I looked for other jobs and contracts for a couple of days and applied for none, it just didn’t feel right. Oh and I got put on garden leave from my job so I suddenly had heaps of free time.

Before I left, my boss asked me what I was going to do and from memory I said I thought I might go out on my own but to be honest I had no idea, it was really just something I’d thought of on the way into work that day (I had resigned after hours).

This idea grew.

I liked the idea of building my own business and creating a future for my family – a legacy – which is why I named the business ROCCO DOUGLAS – it’s my son Xander’s middle names, and he shares the name Douglas with both his great grandfathers. This also means it has to succeed, this is our future.

ROCCO DOUGLAS is to be the outlet for all the skills and experience I’ve gained in marketing over the years, but taking it to the next level, to be constantly evolving so we can add more and more value to our clients.

This is also why I took the huge financial risk and employed staff from day one, I knew I needed a strong, smart team to add real value to our clients and position this business in the best possible place for the future.

So there you go, the rest of the journey from there is all outlined on our blog in previous posts.

For a company that is just over 6 months old the journey so far has exceeded my expectations, we have a great portfolio of clients and are achieving great results for those clients.

So what does 2017 look like?

Honestly, it’s going to be huge, I don’t see anything other than that for our future. I have a great team full of passion and enthusiasm (we welcome Christo who starts next week) and I’m confident that together we can make it happen.

We are growing month on month – January would typically be a quiet month but it’ll be our biggest yet.

We love what we do, it’s super satisfying helping other businesses reach new customers and grow. We look forward to helping many many more this year.

Oh and happy new year!